Banana cake

Banana is fruit which is distributed into the entire world. It has been acclimated in all climates and latitudes. Its nutrition composition is well-known, the spectrum of options to use it in the kitchen is just endless.

However, not everyone can imagine it being a part of cake. Due to its traits it can improve not only the nutrition potential of the dessert but it also makes the flavor much more attractive. And that´s a factor that must be taken seriously. If you don´t believe it, get rid of your sloth and try the recipe by yourselves. You´ll be more than just surprised.


First of all, we grate or break white organic tofu into smaller pieces, we pour it with about 20ml of hazelnut milk, a few drops of lemon juice and mix it until it becomes creamy „tofu cottage cheese“.

We pour it into a larger bowl and add two ripe bananas, birch sugar, psyllium, rice flakes, almond butter and the rest of the remained hazelnut milk. We mix it properly until the liquid mixture gets tick. We add bit by bit millet and buckwheat flour and organic pudding powder with vanilla.

Thanks to psyllium, banana and pudding we don´t have to use eggs as these ingredients ensure „merging“ of ingredients and compactness of our sweet cake. We add phosphate free baking powder and divide the whole mixture into two portions. The larger one is put right into the baking form and the smaller one is colored and flavored with cocoa.

The dark dough is poured carefully onto the light one and the cake is put into an oven which was preheated to 170 grades of Celsius. We bake our sweet culinary act at this temperature for about 50 minutes.

Then we take it out of the oven, leave to cool and then spill it on a plate. Now we can get down to eating our smooth banana cake, enjoyed by vegans, celiacs, the allergic to cow milk, altogether all who are in favor of sweets and delicious desserts.

So bon appetite…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. Today´s super healthy cake, when scrutinized, hides lots of surprises. Let´s start from the beginning. When looking at the presence of macronutrients, we have a balanced high-level saccharide dish on the plate.

  2. The content of proteins is examplary, moreover, they come from a couple of sources. Amino acid spectrum is very close to be complete, the level of their digestibility is awesome.

  3. The amount of fats equals the half amount of proteins. This very important parameter tells us that when eating this dessert won´t disturb the common metabolic processes in an undesired way. Above that we can say in this context that the cake is basically dietary. What is great is that most of the fats are unsaturated .

  4. Today´s cake is suitable for reducing diets also because of its relatively low glycemic index. So even diabetics don´t have to hesitate.

  5. To make the thing greater, the amount of energy in one portion can be considered „dietary“ as well. That label doens´t mean that energy cannot be added. Math is inexorable.

  6. What I like as well is the presence of fibre. Its amount is not extraordinary but at the same time it isn´t insufficient. What´s more, the fibre is cooked so the level of digestibility is a bit better.

  7. As for the thermal aspect, the cake tends to have slightly refreshing form.

  8. Speaking about the acid base balance, the recipe is slightly acidifying. This aspect makes me especially happy.

  9. If there is anyone who didn´t have enough of advantages, let´s add a few more, the recipe is gluten-free and lactose-free.

  10. Personally, I have a big problem with this recipe – its taste is just “desperately“ tempting to have the cake with a cup of coffee. As for acid base balance it is wrong, but try to explain it to gourmands...

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Doba přípravy

60 minutes

Přibližná cena

13 CZK/ 1 portion



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