Chickpea-sesame soup

We know that creamy soups have a great ability to tease taste receptors, but also to fill up the stomach or in case of creative work in the kitchen to be moderated so that the particular characteristics went in the right direction.

If we are interested only in our stomach needs and don´t long for extravagant but at the same time balanced taste, there is no problem making dozens, even hundreds of different recipes. Our School of healthy cooking is much more demanding, though, and we play with loads of other characteristics. Today´s recipe has been designed in this spirit, of course. We are expected to make cream that beside having balanced nutrition parameters will surprise in many other respects.

Leguminous soups are a phenomenon mainly for the amount of proteins. Provided we are focused on nutrinion profile of foods we have on plates, we might be curious about other parts as well. We know that chickpeas include no fats. In case of our interest in a blanaced meal, let´s start doing "tricks“, it´s going to be very easy…


We fry chopped onion shortly on olive oil, add some tumeric powder and fry it together for a while. Then we pour it with a litlle of water, add diced white radsih, cooked sprouted chickpeas and we cook the whole mixture fo 15 minutes. After that we take the pot away from the cooker and put it aside for about 10 minutes. Once the soup cools down a bit, we add two spoonfuls of miso paste, two cloves of crushed garlic and a spoonful of sesame seeds. Now we grap the hand blender and mix this goldish food until smooth and creamy.

The top of the soup can be sprinkled with seeds of black sesame and we can indulge in gourmet delights we´ll have while having one and each mouthful of this delicious chickpea-sesame cream soup.

Bon appetite…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. The nutrition characteristic is truly examplary. In fact, there´s no wonder as the base of the recipe is from legume. Typical high saccharide soup is made up of mainly complex saccharides, thus having low value of glycemic index.

  2. To expect the lack of fibre **in legumes is foolish. Today´s recipe has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in this respect.

  3. The amount of proteins is demonstrative. Facts are clear – most of them come from legumes, have been cooked and their quality isn´t bad at all, due to the process of sprouting.

  4. Through nifty combination of inggredients, we managed to ensure the adequate amount of fats in which we can be sure to have the most in unsaturated form.

  5. Total amount of energy is perfectly sufficient for one portion as the main course for an average individual. In short – no crazy trips to one or the other extremes.

  6. Digestibility of the dish is somewhere in the middle. Chickpeas are to blame as their parameters have no chance to be improved or changed in any respects.

  7. Thermally, the soup acts in a warming way.

  8. As for acid base balance, the soup is slightly acidifying.

  9. If I long for having this food as the main course, I´d have a slice of yeast bread with no hesitation. I´d shift all parameters the right direction, including the total volume of the dish.

  10. The soup has nothing that kids from the age of one couldn´t enjoy, too.

  11. Sportspeople could have this cream as the main course between two training sessions. Non-professionals would have it as a part of lunch which I feel it´s the most democratic.

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Doba přípravy

30 minutes (excluding soaking)

Přibližná cena

6 CZK / one portion



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