Žampionová polévka

To bring innovations to the world of mushroom soups is for hard-core mushrooming enthusiasts like to carry coals to Newcastle. Provided that we don´t intend to make a „laughing“ soup from psilocybe mushrooms or to pass away due to mushrooms with spotted design, there is nothing to spoil.


We have chosen soup which is traditionally quick and easy to make. Champignons are chopped into medium pieces, we add broth and diced potatoes into the pot and boil it for about 13 minutes until the potatoes get tender. Meanwhile, we don´t waste time and we put frozen vegetable mix with little water into a smaller pot and cook it for a while until it gets defrosted and then mix it in a blender jar right away. This mash perfectly replaces the classical roux. We add it to the soup and finally decorate it with finely chopped parsley.

Be careful!

Provided that we don´t have supplies of dried mushrooms in our pantry, we choose fresh champignons. There we can be "somehow" sure that the soil in which they were grown wasn´t soaked with chemicals, which is the case of forest black damps.

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. The combination of ingredients says that this is very easily digestible dish. No burden from proteins or fats, what is interesting and at the same time obviously significant is the amount of fibre. There is also little saccharide so we can speak in this case about diet soup throughout.

  2. Smart tables indicate that we should draw our attention first of all to the presence of extremely important potassium which plays a key role in care of our heart activity. Total amount is around 1000 mg, which is practically half of the recommended daily amount. The only thing that can spoil our hapiness from having the heart sounding as a bell is the biochemical opponent called sodium. Sodium causes health problems such as high blood pressure, stress, hydration or overloading of the lymphatic system. The soup wans´t salted because broth includes some table salt. This way or that way potassium predominates so we can be relaxed.

  3. The soup has a dominant jincharacteristic and effect on an organism. Broth with salt comes closer to neutrality, though, the overall impact depends on its amount to be used.

  4. Glycemic index is very low, diabetic people can get excited.

  5. Having one or two plates of this soup cannot disrupt the acid base balance in a healthy individual. This is another reason why to be (not only today) cheerful.

  6. When I don´t know what to eat before any kind of sport activity, this soup is one of the hot candidates. To sum up: easy and quick to digest, jin effect, minimal protein and fibre which calms down the protesting stomach.

  7. Diabetic people have already been meant, this dish can be served to vegetarians, to people with celiac disease and to all those who for various reasons avoid consuming dairy products.

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Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

17 minutes

Přibližná cena

6 CZK / 1 portion



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