Protein porridge

There are more than enough of sweet recipes. It´s no wonder as the relationship of people to sweets, when speaking about taste, is one of the strongest of all. Lots of responsible sportspeople and generally all poeple trying to get sufficient quality proteins into the body through sweet tasting dishes solves the problem how to do it.

Today we´ll serve the answer in a form of a nutritionally balanced recipe that will excite each fan of healthy diet as well as the sporting public.


First we pour millet porridge in the bowl, we add rice protein and amaranth flakes. This loose mixture is then poured with hot almond milk and sweetened with a tea spoonful of honey. Then we enhance the porridge with the source of omega 3 fatty acids in a form of ground linseed, we "scent" it with a little cinamon, we stir it properly and leave it still for three minutes.

Before the porridge gets thick, we grab a pear that we clean and dice into small pieces. In case we don´t watch every second during preparation, we cut out little flowers, little wheel, a star or some other forms that will make our delicacy even more interesting. We put the juicy fruit into the bowl with hot, cinamon smelling porridge and we can enjoy the delicious sweet that will satisfy sweet-toother´s taste buds and besides it provides the body with a good dose of proteins and fibre.

Bon appetite…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. As I said above, the recipe is beautifully balancedas for nutritions. Generally, it´s a typical high saccharide dish, the value of the GI is kept at the lower level.

2.The presence of fibre is absolutely sufficient, I´d say a bit above average.

  1. The amount of proteins is a textbook example. They are of vegetable origin, great to digest, speaking about inadequate spectrum of amino acids would be just a bad joke.

  2. On the contrary, the amount of fats is very low. In this context, this recipe will be also loved by people longing for reduction dietary procedures. Another good advantage of the present fats is a relatively high ratio of omega-3 form.

  3. Energy value of the recipe is just ok. We don´t have to worry about it in weight reduction programmes.

  4. Despite warming spices, the dish will act as slightly refreshing .

  5. Acid base balance tendency will be slightly acidifying. Again nothing dramatic we should be scared of.

  6. Sportspeople can have this dish as the first after-training meal, or they can feel free to have it as a full snack.

Odemkněte si tento recept

Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

5 minutes

Přibližná cena

29 CZK / one portion



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