Grilled salmon with coriander salad

Fish belong to relatively well digestible food in the group of animal sources. Fans of low sacchoride diets including "paleo enthusiasts" have an opportunity to drive their system of diet in a relatively sensible way at least in this area.

Salmon is pretty well accessible fish in our market. Provided that we´re lucky to get the "healthy" piece that provides enough omega-3 fatty acids (which is necessary not to burn), we can make a few surprises in the kitchen.


First we clean salmon, dry it, season with a little salt and pepper. Then we put it onto a contact grill where we leave meat for about 5 minutes. Before the salmon has been finished, we take a cucumber and cut thin noodles out of it. We transfer the cucumber noodles into a bowl where we stir it with a tea spoonful of soya sauce, a few drops of olive oil, finely chopped coriander and about a half a centimeter long slice of ginger chopped into very little pieces.

After 5 minutes we transfer salmon from the grill onto a plate, garnish it with leaves of spinach, red slices of a tomatoe and serve the dish with untraditional coriander salad and traditional wish of "bon appetite".

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. As said before, today´s recipe is typically low saccharide. The saccharides come from vegetable so they are simple in their structure and at the same time they have thelow glycemic index.

  2. Proteins are dominant in this recipe. They provide thefull spectrum of amino acids and are relatively well digestible. Their amount is just sufficient for an adult.

  3. The amount of fats is a bit higher, but it´s ok when speaking about the ratio of fats to proteins. Theoretically, we could count on a greater share of omega-3 form.

  4. For my taste, the dish provides too little dose of fibre. Considering the high saccharide character, the recipe would deserve twice as much.

  5. The amount of energy is relatively low. In combination with macronutrients ratio, we´ve got a dish suitable even for some kinds of weight reducing diets.

  6. All high saccharide recipes tend to be acidifying, the same pays for this one.

  7. As for the thermal aspect, there is an interesting mixture of cooling and warming ingredients on the plate. The final effect will take the warming direction.

  8. Sportspeople, but no only them, will like the strong jang character of the recipe, in this case preferably as after-training meal.

  9. Becuase of the higher amount of nutrients ratio and acidifying tendency, today´s recipe isn´t good for diabetics, for insatnce.

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Doba přípravy

10 minutes

Přibližná cena

44 CZK / one portion


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