Avokádová pochoutka

People without fantasy, "the stressed people“ always hurrying, lazy people and homebirds… All these keep complaining about what healthy food to have for a morning or and afternoon snack. Of course unless they have some fruit at hand, or they want any or they got fed upt with eating fruit.

While searching for a creative and at the same time healthy solution, I have an interesting challange, involving fine creamy fresh flavor, easy to digest, "raw" character and an interesting level of health beneficial fats.


We need a ripe avocado that we cut half, pit it out, that we throw away, and scoop the green pulp out. The patient people can use a spoon that they use to mash avocado in the glass with, however, personally I go for an easier option, the hand blender that makes it creamy.

We put avocado into a mixing jar, add 1 teaspoonful of fresh elmon juice and the same amount of Tamari soy sauce, and finally one spoonful of hemp seeds that will substantially change the characteristics of the whole dish. We blend it all quickly and serve with a wholemeal bread and fresh cohlrabi and carrot.

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. I can´t help starting in a traditional way… nutritional composition. If I use only avocado, I´d get the unbeatable dominance of fats and I´d have difficulty praising the balance of the recipe. That´s why we used hem seeds with much more varied offer of nutrients that not only suffle the cards in terms of nutrition in favor of the imaginary perfection.

  2. When speaking about fats, we need to point out at the extreme dose of omega-9 unsaturated fats. Most of them comes from avocado, but watch out!– hemp is no begger in this respect and contributes a lot into this family as well.

  3. Since we have already mentioned the effort for the ballance, we need to add that nor the polyunsaturated fats in hemp don´t fall behind in this respect. Saturated fats are present just in minimal dose, not worth even noticing (actually , it is and quite a lot. The less of saturated fats, the better for our health - however, these days everyone knows this general formulation in practice).

If only because of these paramters, we turn our blind eye to a higher amount of energy coming from the mentioned fats, however, those trying chronically to lose weight and counting each calory shouldn´t ignore it at all - in this case, they would either get a wring result, or they couldn´t finish calculations).

  1. Another to mentions are proteins. Let´s take it poetically here – protein-poor avocado was joined by hemp seeds having ther phenomenal thirty procent portion of proteins. Their real full-spetrum is just an icing on the cake.

  2. Wholemeal bread as a key source of complex carbs is a source of faster energy with the low glycemia, helped by hemp seeds a bit.

  3. Finally, the necessary fiber. Hemp contains twice as much fiber than avocado, bread and fresh vegetables complete is. All in all, this light snack will provide the body with a half of the recomended daily allowences of fiber, so - hats off.

  4. The amount of energy is above the standard due to the higher presence of fats, however, it doens´need to be wrong in particular situations. You´ll get more inforamtion in the further lines.

  5. The level of digestibility in terms of the energy output of today´s recipe while digesting is very good, getting not over the line of 15 %. We consider this recipe so called light, after having this meal, you don´t need to worry about the loss of energy at all, necessary for a normla functioning of the body and mind.

  6. Parameters of the energy poles are also interesting. Bread "vibrates" around the neutral level, avocado with lemon are (unlike bread) stronly yin, hemp seeds are around the middle, soy suace is, on the other hand, yang, kohlrabi is slightly yin, caroot even more. Despite a higher portion of fats, we don´t get too far from the harmonic centre, in this respect, it´s really something!

  7. Glycemic index is extremely low, there´s nothing to discuss here (excpet for one little exception that this snack won´t push us towards the extreme heart rate so it cannot be considered a way to choleric perofrmance of the mental of physical cahracter).

  8. Even thermal characteristics seems to be interesting in here – avocado, lemon, kohlrabi and soy sauce have refreshing even cooling effects, hemp seeds, on the other hand, are warming, rye bread is neutral in this respect. The final result is approaching the neutrality. If needed, we can adjust the thermal aspect by adding suitable spices, in one or the other way.

  9. Besides the gourmets, who cannot be anything but excited by this combination, the endurance athletes will be totally happy. Here comes the point to point out how advantageous and attractive most aspects of this dish are especially before long training or competions when most energy for the performance comes from the lipid metabolism. The only thing I would do in these cases is to change a kohlrabi for a cucumber. Kohlrabi can couse bloating that is definitely not favourable for athletes while exercising.

  10. Giving one interesting fact as a tip – I wouldn´t be scared od combining curry spices and colourful pepper seasonson in winter time , they will chift the thermal character towards the warming parameters.

  11. I will recommend with pleasure this recipe with this composition to little kids (or to parents who take care of their kids). It´s not even a problem from te age of one , I ´d just use pure hemp seeds free of garlic and we should be careful about wholemeal bread and pick up the one that shouldn´t contain any whole wheat scrap.

  12. This very low level of the glycemic index opens the door to all diabetics. Don´t hesitate since the combination of nice taste and great nutrition parameters cannot be found anywhere...

  13. Uff... I´ve been writing too long, again. In fact I wonder if there´s a person considering similar aspects when choosing meal. At least for this unceratinty, I keep on praying to find at least one soulmate, my reality would seem happier...

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Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

5 minutes

Přibližná cena

35 CZK / whole portion



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