Strawberry caress

Most of us has a natural tendency to mollycoddle ourselves with food. If we keep a couple of simple rules in the kitchen while choosing and combining foods, preferring the quality, the result will be perfect in taste as well as in character.

As the most common sins are commited through words and through sweets, let´s have a sinfully delicious dessert with a title inducing nice feelings. And this is the way it should be in the kitchen.


We wash strawberries, remove peduncles and put them into a bowl. We add rice protein with vanilla flavor, one flat teaspoonful of psyllium, linseeds and a pinch of cinnamon.

Then we heat the haselnut milk in a pot and pour it into the bowl. All ingredients are mixed into a form of thick pinkish liquid sweatened by a bit of honey and the drink is done! Now we can get down to enjoying the creamy and silky soft drink that will caress out body and soul with its cinnamon-strawberry aroma. So enjoy it…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. The ratio of nutrients in today´shigh saccharide „caress“ dessert is absolutely perfect. First let´s praise the larger portion of fibre that together with other components push the value of glycemic index low.

  2. The content of proteins is crucial. Their quality in terms of organic values is at the peak, digestibility as they are of vegetable origin is easy as well.

  3. The content of fats is balanced, moreover, the unsaturated forms predominate which is the win-win situation.

  4. Total amount of energy matches up with a dessert. For most consumers its´t not enough as a single course, however, in some cases it can come in handy as a snack.

  5. The digestibility of today´s sweetie is at its best possible level.

  6. Thermally the recipe wobbles between slightly cooling and slightly warming tendency - depending on the amount of seasoning used.

  7. In the term of acid base balance we have a slightly acidifying dish.

  8. Small kids since 12 moths of age will definitely enjoy the dish.

  9. One of the great pluses is the absence of gluten and lactose.

  10. Sportsmen will definitely appreciate the amount of quality proteins. The potential of the sweet drink can be used before and after the training.

Odemkněte si tento recept

Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

3 minutes

Přibližná cena

26 CZK / one portion



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