Spinach chips

Chips and other crunchy goodies have been moving the food industry world for decades. The combination of salt, frequent additives to highlight flavor and magic crunchy perception while eating develop consumers into addicts.

The fact is that common commercial production of chips and alike products involves quite high temperature causing Maillard reaction (= development of carcinogens). Another great weakness is the presence of various additives, mainly from the category of flavoring agents and flavor engancers - not everybody likes it.

Balanced diet enthusiasts will tend to search for products that will support their health. And today we will prepare such one. Its production is absolutely simple, the results are more than surprising, but it depends on how many of us see it...


Spinach leaves are washed, dried softly and put into a larger bowl. We add a tea spoonful of nutritional yeasts, half of a tea spoonful of dried garlic and a bigger pinch of himalayan salt. The mixture is than sprinkeled with olive oil and all ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

When the spinach is wrapped in the spicy mixture, we put the leaves into a dryer and leave them for about 8 hours there. It is best to dry the spinach leaves at about 40 grades of Celsius so that we don´t destroy the enzymes, vitamins and other precious substances appearing in leavy vegetable. The reward after hours of waiting is in a form of fantastically crunchy garlic chips that even dogged opponents of "healthy diet" will enjoy.

So enjoy the crunchy feeling…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. When looking into the nutrition table many will be suprised. The most surprising fact is the predominance of proteins over saccharides. This is just the factor that hardly anybody deals with, and in case of chips - almost nobody. Proteins are of vegetable origin, their easy digestibility is underlined by raw way of cooking.

  2. Fats are represented - alike the proteins - in relatively small amount. Unsaturated forms are predominant, so we can´t complain about anything.

  3. The content of fibre is useless to assess, considering the ingredients used for making chips.

  4. The value of glycemic index is very low, actually it can´t be different.

  5. The undeniable benefit of these chips is their raw characteristics. In this category of recipes a very valuable phenomenon.

  6. Thermally the chips will tend to be slightly warming.

  7. After consuming this dish the acid base balance characteristics will lead the metabolism towards the slightly alkalizing tendency.

  8. Another interesting point is the ratio of jin jang energy.

  9. To speculate about when it´s the best time to have the chips is tricky. Let´s consider them to be a snack so have them in any situations when not combining with sweets.

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Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

8 hours

Přibližná cena

11 CZK / whole portion



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