Jujube smoothie with poppy seeds

If you feel like having something tasty, solid, nutritinally „rich“, by its composition provocative in an exotic and unconventional way, why don´t you try our jujube smoothie. You will be surprised to find out how many positives such a recipe can bring into your life. Honestly – just the fact that when consuming it you feel cool is worth having it.

As food undoubtedly influences our actions through producing emotions, let´s focus on the fact that today´s recipe is not a snobbish thing just for the chosen. Anyone can afford it. Just roll up the sleeves and get down to preparing it.


First of all we take buckwheat and rinse it under running water and pour it into a glass with 100ml of almond milk. Then we add sweet fruit of jujube and leave this mixture soak for about 6 hours (ideally over night).

When buckwheat gets swollen and jujube becomes soft, we can start preparing our untraditional smoothie. The glass with buckwheat and so called „chinese dates“ is poured into mixing bowl where we add a tea spoonful of poppy seeds, a half of a bigger banana and 15 g of rice protein. The content of the bowl is then completed with a deciliter of almond milk and then all ingredients are properly mixed until the drink gets creamy.

And now we can enjoy a really delicious smoothie which is thanks to jujube sweet and at the same time it contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids.

Bon appetite…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. When excluding the taste and consistency of the coctail, today´s recipe will suprise us mainly by its nutrition composition that is beautifully balanced. No matter how hard I try, I can´t see any faults as for the ratio of micronutrients.

  2. The content of proteins is highly above average, they are very easy to digest .

  3. The amount of saccharides is leading. We combine the complex with simple sugars which finally offers low value of glycemic index.

  4. The content of fibre is absolutely sufficient. It´s necessary to highlight the presence of soluable forms which is enormously high. We see the advantage in the positive impact on consistency of the stool, impact on peristalsis as well as it is gentle for intestinal mucuous membranes.

  5. Fats are in a minimal volume, moreover, they are mostly unsaturated . Ideal for losing weight - what else?

  6. The content of energy refers to one medium dish. This note makes me think of the coctail as a snack, in sportspeople it could be taken as the first after-training meal.

  7. I expecially like relatively distinctive amount of calcium, which is vital in food rich in proteins.

  8. Digestibility of the recipe is at a good level. What is important is not to drink it all at once, which would kick us away from the optimal field.

  9. Thinking about thermal aspect, smoothie will behave in aslightly refreshing way.

  10. At acid base balance term, its character is slightly acidifying.

  11. One great advantage is the absence of gluten, this is what a large group of people will be excited about.

Odemkněte si tento recept

Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

5 minutes (excluding soaking)

Přibližná cena

28 CZK / one portion



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