Turkey steak with carrot crisps

Another one of paleo recipes that we are going to make today, we can claim to have their quality under the control. Obviously, it´s going to be appreciated mainly by "meat eaters“ who will have another reason to commit a gourmet experience today.

The preparation and the composition are both very simple, anybody can make it with no stress at all. This is a good bunch of reasons to get down to work without worries.


First we clean carrot, peel it and cut in into thin slices. We put them on a paper towelette, sprinkle with a little salt and leave them to "sweat" for approx fifteen minutes.

When the carrot is "sweat" enough, we dry the dropletes of water on them and mix them with a tea spoonful of olive oil and a pinch of Himalayan salt in a bowl. Then we put orange slices on a baking form with baking paper on the bottom and put it all into an oven, pre-heated on 180 grades of Celsius (356 grades of Fahrenheit) and bake it for about a quarter of an hour.

Meanwhile, we start making vegetable salad. We clean pepper and cucumber, chopp them into small pieces and mix it all with a little balsamic vinegar, a pinch of salt and a little pepper. This is all and the salad is done and we can finish the last part of today´s meat dish.

We clean the turkey meat, sprinkle it softly with salt and pepper, and fry it quick on both sides on a little olive oil. Before we transfer steak on a plate, we season it with grill spices and again fry it for a couple of seconds on both sides. And it´s done!

Now we can serve juicy turkey steak together with crunchy carrot crisps and fresh pepper-cucumber salat.

Bon appetite

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. Despite the fact that saccharides outweigh proteins a bit, we can call the recipe typically low saccharide with clear conscience. This is because there is no side dish, which the fans of the paleodiet and other low saccharide "deviations" are allergic to. The present saccharides are simple, however, they have at the same time with considerably low glycemic index. In this respect, everything is ok.

  2. The content of fibre is the average. Frankly – I could do with more in this kind of recipe, we would have to increase the amount of vegetable, at the best the cooked one.

  3. Proteins are of animalorigin, in adequate amount, as for the aspect of full spectrum of amino acids at a very good level. What´s worse is their digestibility.

  4. The content of fats is ok in quantity, as well as their ratio to proteins. They are represented by unsaturated forms, slightly ove the half of the amount. While making the dish, we must be careful not to overburn them.

  5. The amount of energy in the recipe is quite average. But this is a common parameter of vast majority of low saccharide recipes where fats are not dominant.

  6. The level of digestibility of today´s dish is demanding. It´s because of the presence of meat, we cannot distinctly influence this parameter.

  7. Acid base balance tendency moves in the acidifying direction, not even in this case we can do much about this characteristics.

  8. Thermally, the result will act in slightly warming way. In the nick of time in winter.

  9. The recipe is logically in prevailing jang tendency. Now it´s worth thinking about when to have and enjoy the dish.

  10. In spite all advantages of today´s recipe, I wouldn´t offer it to small kids and people with gastro-intestinal disorders.

  11. People trying to lose some weight are going to be happy about this recipe. In this case I´d recommend to reduce a bit the amount of fats, each calorie counts.

Odemkněte si tento recept

Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

35 minutes

Přibližná cena

30 CZK / one portion


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