Sugar-free RAW sweets

There is a continuously increasing number of people in the civilized part of the world who are interested in what sweets the´ll have. These people watch (not only) nutrition parameters of all they eat. The amount of simple sugars that even little kids know about their harmful effects on our health is in special close look.

As one of the most dangerous time of the year is Christmas, considering the consumption of sweets, let´s look today at the option to make sweets that taste nice but are sugar free.

Lo and behold, it´s possible, it just takes to be willing to think in a different proper way…


Fist we take dried dates and red goji berries, we put all that into a glass and pour it with filtered water. We have the fruit soaked in the glass, then we pour water off and mix it until it turns to intensively sweet paste. We add organic unroasted cacao powder, finely chopped cashew nuts and ground beans of buckwheat.

We stir the mixture properly, we work it and make smooth dark substance out of it. We use the mixture to make little cacao balls that will be finally covered in grated coconut. And it´s done! Now let´s start enjoying the delicious bitter sweet balls, its taste is delisious, chocolate-like and in particular highly addictive.

So enjoy the sweets with joy!

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. Raw food little balls can surprise at several levels. Firstly, there are proteins in quite an attractive amount (at least for raw food). They are of vegetable origin, moreover, they aren´t cooked – their digestibility including the biological values are interesting enough.

  2. The amount of fats , as for weight, corresponds with the ratio of proteins. What´s more, most of them are in unsaturated form. In this respect, everything is ok.

  3. The amount of saccharides is logically predominant. Part of them are simple, part of them are complex. In total, the glycemic index is really low . This is also an example of balance.

  4. The represantation of fibre is appropriate, in other words – sufficient.

  5. The amount of energy doesn´t require any comments, as it depends on the number of balls consumed, which is a very individual fact in practice.

  6. Acid base balance is slightly acidifying.

  7. As for thermal apsect, the sweets are slightly refreshing. This verdict can be changed by adding any kind of warming spices, which shouldn´t be a problem for anybody.

  8. These sweets contain nothing that could be harmful to kids.

  9. If we put aside the Christmas factor that will tempt us to have the balls at this time, we don´t have to be scared to have this delicacy in any other seasons. When considering the biorythm, personally, I vote for having these sweets at the time of siesta together with a cup of quality tea. Most probably, the mojority of consumers will prefer having the sweets with a cup of coffee, that strengthens the flavor perception, but at the same time it moves the acid base balancce in the strongly acidifying direction.

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Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

20 minutes (excluding soaking)

Přibližná cena

1.50 CZK / one ball



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