Shrimmps with coriander salsa

Today´s recipe is special for two reasons. Beside its pervasively and exotically delicious taste, it´s a low saccharide dish. It means that its potential can come in handy to those who try high-protein diets, mainly those who are fans of the idea of the paleo diet.

Luckily, its preparation is neither time consuming nor organizationally demanding. So just roll up the sleeves and get to work with joy.


We clean peeled shrimmps, season them with salt, pepper and fry them on a little coconut oil. After about five minutes of frying, we pour some aromatic salsa to shrimmps. We made salsa by mixing a shallot, one clove of garlic, a handful of chopped coriander, a pinch of salt and juice from a half of a lime. We cook the mixture on a frying pan for about two minutes and then we put shrimmps on a serving plate somewhere warm.

Before we begin to enjoy coriander shrimmps, we prepare vegetable salad with sesame seeds. We peel a carrot and a zucchini and make thin strips out of them. Once the vegetable is cut into thin long strips, we pour them with a little oil, season with a little salt and sprinkel with sesame seeds. Fresh sesame salad is stirred properly and served together with crunchy shrimmps with coriander salsa.

Bon appetite…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. Nutrition characteristic of today´s recipe is uniquely low saccharide . At first sight, we can see the predominance of proteins. Most of them are of animal source, their quality is just perfect in respect of the full spectrum of amino acids.

  2. Saccharides come mainly from vegetables. They have the low glycemic index and are relatively good and easy to digest.

  3. The amount of fibre is standard. Neither a lot, nor a little, just as it should be for one middle portion.

  4. We have to remember to emphasize the amount, ratio and quality of fats. In the first case just right amount, in the second one ideal ratio towards proteins, in the third case next to the sufficient amount of unsaturated forms there are also desired saturated ones.

  5. The amount of energy in whole portion is relatively low. It´s not just because of lower level of fats, but because a really low level of saccharides. If you want to make sure that you have sufficient intake of energy per day with similar recipes, it´s necessary to count a bit…

  6. I like the digestibility of the meal resulting from the use of shrimmps as a representative of animal food as well as cooking of other ingredients.

  7. Due to spices that were used, the recipe is slightly warming .

  8. Shrimmps are strongly acidifying food, thus the whole recipe tends to go the same direction.

  9. The ratio of jin and jang tendencies isn´t that bad. In this respect, the only glitch is the absence of whole grain products.

  10. Becuase of the decreased amount of saccharides and fats, it may seem that the shrimmps are ideal to be eaten for dinner. At least for those who long for weight loss. What annoys me a bit in this case is the acidifying tendency, however, in a healthy person it doesn´t have to be an obstruction.

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Doba přípravy

8 minutes

Přibližná cena

38 CZK / one portion


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