Porridge with raspberries

Breakfast porridge is still popular in a wide range of consumers prefering the balanced diet. If we choose suitable ingredients in adequate quality, we can be sure to provide the body with all essential nutrients as well as with inevitably attractive taste.

Provided that you think holistically, you won´t be surprised that this sweet form of breakfast includes not only one surprise influencing our metabolism in the indended direction.


To prepare today´s sweet breakfast will take us not more than a few minutes. First we heat almond milk in a pot and we pour the gluten-free sprouted oatmeal flakes. The mixture is stirred until the content gets thickened and turns into thick oatmeal porridge. Now it´s the time to add poppy seeds, the source of calcium, a spoonful of honey and mix it thoroughly.

The porridge then is poured into a bowl, sprinkled with sweet fresh raspberries and can be eaten with a feeling of joy while having this tasty brekafast which combines in harmony the sweetness of honey and almond milk together with the juicinees of fresh raspberries and light crunchiness of poppy seeds.

Bon appetite…

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Vlastnosti receptu

  1. Our sweet carbohydrate-rich breakfast has absolutely tremendous nutritional profile as for the term of balance. What is awesome is the amount of fibre which can be said to be higher than average.

  2. The amount of proteins is sufficient even for an adult. They are easy to digest, of a vegetable origin and is much higher than the level of fats, which is essential for an energetic balance and an optimal tendency of the metabolic course.

  3. The volume of fats are under the control. The big advantage is that fats are mostly of the unsaturated form, and what´s more, they didn´t undergo any technology modification.

  4. Total amount of energy corresponds with hearty breakfast so we shouldn´t suffer from any defficiency.

  5. Digestibility of the recipe is highly reasonable. The only "burden" is in the form of a higher portion of fibre, but it isn´t anything dramatic. On the contrary - fibre is a part of factors that reduce the value of the glycemic index, that is in this case very low.

  6. As for the termal character, the porridge will be slightly cooling .

  7. In the term of the acid base balance we have prepared slightly acidigying breakfast - again nothing to worry about.

  8. Another precious nutrition value is absence of gluten and lactose, which is in total beneficial to a wide range of poeple.

  9. It´s also good to mention the presence of sprouts which is rightly considered the superfood in the term of the high concentration of well-exploitable nutrients.

  10. Porridge is suitable to small children as well, I wouldn´t be scared to serve it in a small portion to one-year-olds. The only thing that could be worrying is poppy seed that, when unripe, contain a higher level of undesirable alkaloids effecting the nervous system. The question is how to ensure the poppy to be perfectly ripe...

Odemkněte si tento recept

Po odemknutí se zobrazí seznam ingrediencí a postup přípravy receptu.

Doba přípravy

5 minutes

Přibližná cena

30 CZK / one portion



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